Product Availability

Obvious Plant products are largely limited-edition collectibles and not open to large-scale production. Sales numbers are kept low for two reasons:

1. The partial goal of Obvious Plant is to promote intentionality and thoughtfulness in consumer culture. By limiting production, each piece is transformed from a throw-away dollar store impulse buy into something cherished and treasured. My hope is that this intentionality serves as a template for reduced consumerism and thoughtless spending at-large.

2. I am aware of the environmental impact of the materials used in my products. Limiting production numbers significantly reduces the impact of plastic and packaging on the environment.

For those curious about specific production numbers for specific items, these definitions should be helpful:

Retired Status: This item is retired and will not be sold again

Open Status: This item MIGHT be sold again

Prototype: Only one of these was made and will not be made again