Just Say NoBots - Drug-Lord
Just Say NoBots - Drug-Lord
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Just Say NoBots - Drug-Lord

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Released in 1982, the Just Say NoBots were a failed marketing effort intended to reduce drug use among children. Backed by the U.S. government, the cartoon series and companion toy line actually INCREASED drug use among viewers. This was largely due to poor character/plot development and a desire for viewers to "forget everything I just saw."

In 1983, the toy line was scrapped and relaunched as The Gobots.

Drug-Lord is the leader of the evil Drugbots.

Limited edition. Only 15 in known existence. 3.25-inch figures are vintage and show some wear.

Limit one per customer. If you buy more than one, your order will be canceled.

Status: Retired

Quantity Produced: 15

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